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With Honey!

We are a group of people who are very passionate about transforming the Beekeeping landscape and at the same time making life for bees a much better one.
We are completely streamlining beekeeping activities
Our hives operate in a completely automated manner, with no human intervention
Our hives offer full transparency, 24/7
Controlled Remotely
Our hives are completely remote controlled
Powered by AI, our platform recommends actions based on what is best for the bee colony
Bee friendly
Our hives are more bee friendly than market standard hives
Our Team

Meet Our
Revolution-Making Team

We have assembled a team of experts that together are greater than the sum of our talents.
Saar Safra
Saar Safra
Saar is a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive experience in starting new companies and bringing them to fruition.
Eliyah Radzyner
Eliyah Radzyner
Beekeeping expert with vital connections within the industry to better shape vision and strategy. He has been an apiary operation advisor and an agriculture entrepreneur.
Hallel Schreier
Hallel Schreier
Expertise in data analysis, mathematical programming and mathematical biology. He was the Project manager of several projects for the Army Intelligence technological unit.
Boaz Petersil
Boaz Petersil
Machine learning and AI expert and has spent 6 years at Rafael designing and implementing algorithms in the field of multi-agent planning for autonomous agents.
Yossi Sorin
Yossi Sorin
Held previous high profile R&D jobs at Eliya Shapiro Studio where he developed sensor control systems for interactive playgrounds.
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